Fundraising & Nonprofit Coaching

There’s plenty of information for nonprofits about what to do to raise funds.  The challenge is implementation.  That’s why it’s so important that your fundraising team is a good fit for your organization.  As a boutique firm, JBH Link is intimately involved in your fundraising project.  Our goal is to help you install a proven development system designed to get you quick results, and build a solid foundation for your organization’s future fundraising efforts.

Evaluate. Recommend. Implement.

A strategy is only as good as its execution plan.  That’s why, at JBH Link, we start at the beginning and see your project through to completion.  We take a look at what’s currently working, then make recommendations for successful long-term fundraising.  This could include:

  • Board Training
  • Board Development
  • Campaign Readiness
  • Development Training
  • Fundraising 101

We’ll work from a clear set of deliverables and expectations and include monthly progress reports to make sure we’re staying the course on both sides.

It all starts with a discovery session to clarify your needs and determine if we are the right fit to fulfill those needs.  This is where the LINK in JBH Link comes in.  If we aren’t the right fit, we’ve got a network of professionals at the ready.  Because we love our community and want to help nonprofits thrive, we’ve built a top notch team eager to support your success.

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